Friday, August 13, 2010

Assisted Living Facilities prep for the arrival of the “Era of the Golden Boomers”

Not that there’s a problem with playing shuffleboard or horseshoes, but assisted living facilities are keeping pace with the imminent arrival of the Golden Boomers by providing services at a level they expect.
Anyone born in the post war era between 1946 and 1964 now has the distinguished honor of being referred to as a Baby Boomer, rather than the more traditional term of shall I say, “senior.”
Born of parents who suffered through the hardships of the Great Wars and the Depression era, Boomers quickly discovered that life for them had so much more to offer. Boomers, well educated, and widely associated with privilege, affluence and influence. As a group, they are considered the healthiest and wealthiest generation.
In 2011, the front-runners of the Boomer generation turn 65, and January 1, 2011 marks the date that “officially” signals the beginning of the Era of the Golden Boomers. The term “Golden Boomers" begins to generate significant impact on worldwide populations. Marketing firms and professionals have begun to use the phrase in describing this particular segment of the market as the size of older population grows, and the potential for related business activities by many industries are recognized.
A Newsweek article published on August 9, 1948, "Population: Babies Mean Business", has significant relevance in 2010 and beyond to all types of industries related to seniors, the elderly, and assisted living options.
Assisted living facilities now provide resort style living, with amenities such as modern living rooms, relaxing lounges and quiet spaces to enjoy. Gracious accommodations may include private carpeted suites with full baths and emergency call systems.
Residents have options to enjoy cozy fireside chats, read in the warm of a sunroom, stroll about courtyards or linger over an afternoon tea in 24-hour bistros. Most facilities offer an engaging calendar of activities including daily afternoon socials. Meals are frequently served restaurant style in elegant dining rooms, and private dining is options are available for special occasions with guests.
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