Friday, August 13, 2010

Seniors and Golf – Drive Yourself to Fitness

Seniors know that keeping active is important, but sometimes it takes a little extra effort to continue participating in an activity you enjoy because your stamina just isn’t what it used to be. Any activity to keep the blood pumping is a good thing and will not only increase your chances of remaining physically healthy, but will keep you engaged and mentally fit.
Just as the distinction for what makes someone a “senior” varies in many circles, in terms of the sport of golf it looks to be around 50 years of age. I doubt however, that too many people who have reached this milestone really feel that to be true, there are a fews things to consider that can keep your game going.
The popularity of senior golfers has gained notoriety due to the Champions Tour, a golf tour run by the PGA. It hosts a series of annual events in the US and UK for golfers 50 years of age and older. Many of the PGA Tour's most successful golfers have gone on to play on the Champions Tour.
Great players from the past and today compete on a regular basis for some big dollars on T.V. If you haven't seen them on the tube or live in your area you should watch. These golfers play some great games along with being some of the best characters personality wise you'll find anywhere. It's very entertaining to watch.
Senior Golf Equipment
Manufacturers are on your side. Many of the larger ones are wisely stepping up to this growing market by providing clubs and other equipment constructed specifically for the older generation.
This can include drivers, iron sets, putters, fairway woods, balls, bags, shoes, and the most popular hybrid clubs. All this type of equipment can be custom fit for you just like the regular equipment. There are a number of things done to the senior line of equipment to help you keep up and even hit better and further than the your younger counterparts.
Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf trainers in the country. He is also the author of the widely acclaimed Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites.
He recommends the Lying Leg Crossover, which is just one of dozens of simple golf exercises you can do with minimal or no equipment that will quickly and dramatically transform your game for years to come:
• Lie on back with legs extended
• Raise one leg and bend at knee to 90 degrees in knee and hip
• Cross that leg over extended leg, while opposite shoulder stays on ground
• Go until slight pull in the buttocks and lower back
• Hold and repeat once more
• Switch legs and do opposite side

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